The Game of Insurance

Overview of the Game

The “Game of Insurance” is an ongoing financial Game of Chance which began before you were born and will continue after you are gone. In this unique Game of Chance, the Sellers contend that it is unfair for the Buyers to understand the true purpose of the Game and understand the rules, so, the Sellers invest over 65 million dollars annually to keep these Buyer’s rules a top secret.

The object of the Game is for the Sellers to convince a Buyer to pay a premium (money) in exchange for a promise written on paper.

The Insurance Game is always played between a Buyer and the Sellers of cryptic legal contracts known as insurance policies.

On the Buyer’s team, it is extremely rare to have more than two players.

On the Seller’s team, there are literally hundreds of players who perform a wide variety of positions depending on the Seller’s situation in the Game.

The front line players for the Sellers are called “Producers.” They are called “producers” because they produce illusions for the Buyers and income dollars for the Sellers. Producers are critical Players in the Game.

Easy to Play and Win

To entice the Buyers to play the Insurance Game, they must believe that the Insurance Game is very friendly and easy to win with the FREE personal advice, personal help and personal coaching from a personal Agent.

The Producer’s first move in the Game is to convince the Buyers that they are on the Buyer’s team and not the Sellers.

Once this illusion is in place, the Producers continue to persuade Buyers with the use of seemingly FREE advice and coaching services so that the Buyers don’t have to worry about how the Game is played or learn the Rules. All the while, Producers keep using enticing friendly and caring words to produce the illusions of security, comfort and joy. This in turn, produces additional income for the Sellers because Buyers give up responsibility and allow “THEIR AGENT” to recommend and supply more promises on paper in exchange for premiums (money).

As long as the illusions continue to work, the Producers continue to keep the Buyer’s rules a secret and continue to extract more premium (money).

When the Game Turns Ugly

At some point in the Game, a Buyer will suffer a loss and want to collect a Win. Because of the illusions created by the Producers, the Buyers make a wrong move by expecting the Producer to provide help. This is the moment of truth and when the Game turns Ugly.

The moment a Buyer is positioned to score a Win, the Sellers instantly change the rules and the players in the Game. The Sellers rename the Buyers to Claimants and bring in the defensive players who have been waiting on the sidelines to play in the Game.

Producers do a great job of keeping the defensive players and the rules of the Game a top secret.

Included in the Seller’s defense squads are several layers of protection and Defense for the Sellers.

The first squad is the telephone Agents and adjusters who often provide the Buyers with mis-information and mis-direction. If that does not work, then the next squad is the trainee Adjuster team who enters the Game to defend the Seller. If a Buyer is able to sidestep this squad the next team sent in to defend the Sellers are hand picked, highly trained General Adjusters. When that does not work, the Sellers bring in the best of the best who are compensated in the millions annually to protect the Seller’s interest at all costs.

Last Quarter of the Game

The most vicious squad on the Seller’s team are the lawyers and their ability to create chaos for the Buyers while they are already under a substantial handicap. The lawyers mandate is to defend the Seller at all costs. This defensive team includes large independent law firms, government agencies, officials, special interest groups and other skills who are called in to play when the Sellers legal team needs them.

Recap of the Game

Like any Game, when you do not fully understand the nature of the Game and the rules, you will be playing under the worst of circumstances with a major handicap. A handicap can be compared to judging a beauty contest, playing baseball, tennis or golf….blindfolded.

The first handicap is the language and the illusions the Sellers employ. The Sellers of insurance reinvented the English language to confuse their opponents which, they refer to as “the insureds”.

For example, take the word “policy.” They call their legal contracts, “policies” because consumers don’t easily purchase legal contracts. This makes it easier for the Seller’s Agents to sell ”policies.”

Since there are no Buyer’s schools and the education system does not teach Buyers the rules of this Game, Buyers never get to learn these secret rules of the Game until a disaster and then the Buyers are forced to attend the College of Emergency Knowledge.

This learning institution is the most expensive school a consumer can attend.

Like it or Not, You are a Player in the GAME

Virtually every person who owns a car, home or business will be a player in this financial Game. In spite of it being the largest and most expensive Game in America, it is without a large group of spectators and has no Buyer’s fan clubs. The most important period of the Game is always played between just one or two Buyers and up to a hundred or more Seller’s staff members and their allies.

To make it harder for a Buyer to play the Game, Buyers never get any instructions on “how” to play the Game.

To make it more difficult for the Buyers, the Game does not have any referees or line judges to assure that the Game is being played fairly. The only method available to the downed Buyer (claimant) is to seek help from the government or the legal system after the Game has severely impacted the Buyer’s finances and time.

One clear Seller’s rule of the Game is that Buyers are never allowed to bring any legal action against the Sellers until the Buyers have suffered additional loss of time, energy and have lost twice in the Game.

What’s Worst of All?

Nobody cares about the outcome of a contest between the Sellers and any one Buyer. In spite of these facts, every car, home and business owner will play in this Game several times during their lifetime.

To avoid being taken to the cleaners by the Sellers and their allies, you must clearly understand How to Win the Insurance Claim Game and every one of the rules, BEFORE you enter the Game, not AFTER you are in the midst of a crisis.